Liberals in PEI get it.

21/10/2014 / News 

Why is Justin Trudeau meddling in the provincial health matters of Canada’s smallest province? In an interview with CBC – our taxpayer-funded abortion advocacy network – Trudeau thinks residents of Prince Edward Island should be asking questions to make sure the “Canada Health Act is being respected, and that Canadians have the opportunity to make choices about their own reproductive health.”

Let’s take a look at the numbers. When questioned this past summer PEI Health Minister Doug Currie said that of the 11,000 residents who would leave his province this year to receive medical care only 140 would be seeking abortion.

Prince Edward Island has a population of approximately 140,000. They have limited resources and Islanders have accepted that not every service can be offered within the borders of their province. Minister Currie is very open about the fact that every year more than 10,000 Islanders need to travel either to Nova Scotia or New Brunswick for heart surgery, brain surgery, cancer treatment and a plethora of other health services and the Liberal Party of PEI is keenly aware that there are challenges in providing necessary health care. In a recent interview with the Globe and Mail PEI Premier Robert Ghiz said, “There are many competing priorities in health care and there is no plan to change the current policy [on abortion] as the status quo is currently being maintained as Islanders have access to the service.”

The Liberals in PEI get it. But Justin Trudeau doesn’t. Why is he only concerned for the 140 women who need to travel a few hours in order to have their pre-born child dismembered, decapitated and disembowelled?

The reason is because Trudeau is not really concerned about equal access to health services or respecting the Canada Health Act. Rather, he wants to see pre-born children killed with the greatest ease possible and is only interested in forcing his radical abortion ideology on the rest of Canada.

As we find here, the Constitution Act 1967 gives provinces the responsibility to regulate health services. And, the Canada Health Act does not require provinces to fund abortion; only “medically necessary” procedures which are determined by each individual province.

A frequent criticism of Trudeau is that he is short on policy. The irony here is that the one area where he wants to lead, he gets it all wrong. Considering what the Canada Health Act says, and how Premier Gihz interprets it, I would submit that if Mr. Trudeau is looking for common ground with Canadians he’s looking in the wrong place on Prince Edward Island.

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