Why Jian Ghomeshi favored abortion rights

21/11/2014 / Abortion 

Abortion enables men who prey upon vulnerable women. That is the thesis of this article. We encourage you to head over to Live Action News and read it in its entirety, but here are a few quotes:

“One of the issues Jian Ghomeshi likes to focus on is access to abortion, which isn’t surprising once you think about it. After all, if you despise the woman you’re having sex with, then you’re probably not enthused about raising a child with her.”

Peters goes on to write about how pick-up artists manipulate women and treat them as disposable products referring to abortion as an important enabler for them to be able to sleep with as many women as possible. Abortion, writes Peters, is providing manipulative men with a “get out of jail free card.”

“Pick-up artist guru Chateau Heartiste has written about how lax abortion laws are crucial to his lifestyle as they provide men like him with ‘an open invitation and legal sanction for women to do the dirty work and absolve them of 18 years of imprisonment.’ “

Canada’s lack of abortion laws are hurting women. Abortion is contributing to the devaluing of females and it is time the Canadian government took action and stood up for women and pre-born children.

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