Christmas donations that promote a culture of life

17/12/2014 / Abortion 

During this time of year, at nearly every storefront and many street corners you will be greeted with the familiar sight and sound of volunteers ringing bells at Christmas kettles, SalvArmyrequesting donations. Many charities are looking to help the less fortunate during this time of giving and it is a beautiful thing to see. We personally love seeing the charity of so many when we’re out doing our errands at this time of year.

As you give this Christmas season, we encourage you to consider where your gifts are going and what services they support to the broader community. The Salvation Army states that while they “affirm and support professional people engaged in the care of pregnant women who feel on religious, moral or ethical grounds, that they cannot be involved in any way with the procuring or undertaking of an abortion”, they do give reasons for abortion, including “reliable diagnostic procedures [that identify] a foetal abnormality considered incompatible with survival for more than a very brief post natal period”.

We recognize that the Salvation Army does a lot of good in communities and so we are not telling anyone what to do with their donations, while at the same time acknowledging that there are those who prefer to give to organizations who are 100% pro-life.

If you are looking for a life-affirming gift option this year, you may want to consider donating to a crisis pregnancy centre. Visit the CAPSS (Canadian Association of Pregnancy Support Services) website for a listing of care centres in your province that could use your help. These centres offer life-affirming services for women in crisis pregnancies and who desperately need support throughout pregnancy and as a new parent. Learn more about how you can support the needs of women in your own communities in a practical way this Christmas.


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