High school edition of the pro-life flag display in Komoka

04/12/2014 / Events 

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This morning, the students at Providence Reformed Collegiate, a private Christian school in Komoka, Ontario, set up the pro-life flag display on their school front lawn.

The display was organized by the Law 11 students who were inspired by the original display in Ottawa and others across the country. The students were required to complete a culminating assignment and chose to raise the profile of the injustice of abortion.

The students have spent the last few weeks planning this pro-life day. They designed and printed 500 door hangers to hang on people’s doors in the community of Komoka, inviting residents to a dessert social where they will show videos they have created to raise awareness about abortion, they have invited speakers – including We Need a Law and MP Bev Shipley and announcements went into the bulletins of the churches that the students attend. With strong support and encouragement from their teacher and school board chair, they arranged to purchase t-shirts for the student body. Each guest at the dessert social this evening will be given magnets and bookmarks, also designed by the students.
The pro-life day began with a short assembly with the student body, before heading outside where Law 11 students had marked out the grassy areas and handed out flags to their classmates. The whole display was set up in less than 30 minutes.

flag display

At the end of the set-up, the principal lowered the flag to half-mast to remember the 100,000 children that have died each year in abortion in Canada. These are members of the human family whose lives have tragically ended in the womb and who have been denied recognition by our Canadian government. It was a symbolic and powerful gesture that will hopefully remind people that these children who die in abortions every day, are real lives, who have been denied the opportunity at life. Unlike the students who hosted today’s presentation, too many pre-born children are never given the opportunity to receive an education.

Congratulations to the Law 11 class of PRC for standing up in defense of pre-born children. Your hard work is admirable and we appreciate your dedication!

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