Public funds removed from CPC that supports women

03/12/2014 / Abortion 

Recently we wrote about the need for Crisis Pregnancy Centres (CPCs) in response to news that a CPC in Ontario had been defunded. It seems that those who advocate for abortion as an option do not want women to know of any other options, even though they call themselves ‘pro-choice’. Apparently the only choice is murder, even if they try to tell us otherwise.
As you can read here, the defunding of this CPC came as a result of an anonymous blogger ‘exposing’ the CPC for ‘discriminatory practices’. The only discrimination we can find is that the CPC offered women alternatives to abortion, which I suppose could be seen as discriminating against abortion doctors. I hope you can sense the sarcasm in that statement.

As you’ll see in the blog we’ve linked to above explaining the story in detail, the exchange was as follows:

The blog post which “exposes” Crisis Pregnancy Centers writes that they are “Christian slut-shaming organization[s]”, “fake clinic[s]” and “evil”. Apparently this kind of ‘expose’ was enough for the Ontario Trillium Foundation to rescind their $83,800 grant to an organization that offers women alternatives to abortion and counseling.

Doesn’t sound very evil to me; in fact in sounds rather compassionate, something we could do well with in our communities. I don’t see any discrimination, and yet, sadly, a public funding organization has bowed to the likes of an anonymous blogger and removed funding from a worthwhile organization. For more information, you can read a more thorough explanation here.

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