RU-486 – The Series

17/02/2015 / Abortion 

An Ottawa blogger has produced an instructional series covering all aspects of RU-486. The controversial abortion drug has been under review by Health Canada for nearly three years. Reading through some of Ms. Maloney’s reports it becomes clear why. There are many myths surrounding RU-486 and this series exposes many of them.

Here is a quote from Renate Klein’s book found in this post from Ms. Maloney. It sheds light on the question as to why RU-486 is so blindly promoted by abortion advocates.

“There are many reasons why individual women and women’s groups have jumped on the RU 486/PG bandwagon. The packaging of the new abortifacient has been immensely successful. `The very nature of specialized knowledge and information, the complexity of the technology, the way the `advances’ have been publicized in the popular media and such places as Science magazine and the incredibly slick marketing job which is being done, have had the effect of silencing criticism.”

Another myth is that RU-486 will make it easier for women to end their pregnancies in remote areas where access to a hospital is scarce. But, as Ms. Maloney explains here the side effects can be so severe that an emergency room is mandatory.

Confused? So are many Canadians. That is why we encourage you to check out Ms. Maloney’s blog. Starting here.


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