The three deadliest words

02/02/2015 / Abortion 

Last week MP Maurice Vellacott stood in the House of Commons and said the following:

Mr. Speaker, I rise to present three petitions. With respect to the first petition, the petitioners reference a CBC documentary revealing that ultrasounds are being used in Canada to tell the sex of an unborn child so that parents can then choose to terminate the pregnancy if that unborn child is a girl. In view of this gendercide and violence against women and the human trafficking of girls, I think it is a sad and shameful thing that the three deadliest words in the world are “it’s a girl”. Females are full-image bearers and therefore should be treated with full respect and dignity.

Thank you Mr. Vellacott!

Please continue sending your petitions in! Gendercide is a global problem of which Canada is not immune. We all need to help make a difference. You can find the petitions here. Simply print them off, get twenty-five signatures and bring them to you MP.

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