I too was made human

04/09/2015 / Poem 

I Too Was Made Human…

[Death of innocence]


I too was human, just like you…

My right to life? Sadly ignored.

Therefore, I now appeal to you…

O, may this vile crime be abhorred!


Made human, yet, I had no choice.

Their pets received more love than I

And so I ask you, “Be my voice,

Shout out, “It’s wrong I had to die!”


Human, like anyone you’d meet,

Denied a choice that I should live,

An act of malice made complete,

Denied my chance much love to give.


Once human, now, I am no more,

Unique, with my own DNA,

Discarded smudge, some blood and gore

And yet, like you in every way.


Compassion has a human soul!

Then hear my cry, heed my appeal,

Love’s but a two­way street made whole,

Both, life and love combined, reveal.


A. Blokhuis, Aug. 29/15

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