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01/09/2015 / Events 

The candidates are hitting the campaign trail in preparation for the October 19th federal election, and now is the time for us as Canadians to make our issues their issues. 

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WeNeedaLAW is so excited to be launching lifeTOUR this fall, in conjunction with the election campaign. LifeTOUR is a 4-week tour across the country to raise the profile of pre-born human rights in Canada. These rights are currently completely neglected by Canadian law, which offers no protection for babies yet to be born. We want to know, from each individual candidate, where they stand on the issues that matter to us, and to our preborn neighbours who are unable to speak for themselves. 

Do they care if babies are aborted because parents are trying for a certain gender? Do they care if late-term babies, who could live outside the womb, are aborted? Do they care about the second victim when a pregnant woman is murdered? All of these questions get to the heart of what we’re really asking: do they care about life?

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To find out more and to find the event closest to you, visit our tour website, We hope to see Canadians out in force as we travel across the country. We’re looking forward to meeting you and discussing how we can work together to make pre-born human rights an issue for Election 2015 and beyond!

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