Life TOUR Flag Display

08/10/2015 / Events 

Since it’s launch just over a year ago, our flag display has been used more than 30 times in varying forms across the country.  While on Life TOUR, we had the honor of meeting more than a hundred volunteers who came out to set up 100,000 flags in Burlington, Ontario.


As Life TOUR continues, we get to do it all again with a fresh crew of passionate volunteers, in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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These flags represent the great loss of lives to abortion annually in Canada, and their impact can be great. Many conversations are had between volunteers and passers-by, and too many are completely unaware of the total lack of protection for pre-born children in Canada. There is nothing like a visual for people to realize exactly how many babies are dying each year. As long as we as a nation, our leadership in particular, continue to avoid the issue, this will keep happening.


We need to speak up. We need to grow awareness and outrage. We need to build support and understanding. And ultimately, we need a law.


One of our volunteers in Burlington took the time to pen a poem about the experience, which he gave us permission to share here:


It’s Not About Rights


It’s not about Rights
And it’s not about choice.
It’s all about Life…
All those, who have no voice.

Pro-­choice has no bearing
On what we see here,
It’s all about Life,
Which we celebrate dear.

These flags that are flying,
Shall commemorate,
Those small Pre-­Born’s dying…
How horrid this state.

The scene was arresting,
I’m sure, all who saw,
To this we’re attesting

Then, speak to your neighbour
And urge your MP,
For life’s truth to labour,
That justice might see,

A foothold in Burlington
That you might lead,
Your daughters and sons
To God’s Justice, indeed.

A. Blokhuis
Sept. 30/15

If you’re interested in coordinating a flag display in your area, we’d love to hear from you.

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