Today, Another Day

19/07/2016 / Poem 

A beautiful poem about the development and unfolding beauty of new life, written by Tanya Terpstra.

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Today, Another Day


Today I began, just a wee little thing

You don’t know I’m around, your little offspring

I’m really so small, but all of me is here

My genetic makeup already so clear

I’m a part of him and a part of you

My biggest wish, that you carry me through


Today, another day, I am four weeks old

Maybe you haven’t even yet been told

That I’m growing inside of you; but I’m still me

Its already determined if I’m a he or a she

The colour of my eyes, or if I’ll be tall

All of it established even though I’m so small


Today, another day, I am eight weeks old

Hopefully to you, I’m a sight to behold

My tiny little body has tripled in size

My miniature heart beating out its reprise

My fingers and toes have started to form

As I lay here inside you, so cozy and warm


Today, another day, I am twelve weeks old

My vital organs are functioning so bold

I can kick and stretch, but you won’t feel me yet

Although I might make your stomach upset

I can close my fingers and curl my toes

I hope, for me, its life that you chose


 Today, another day, I am sixteen weeks old

I’m living inside you, you’re my stronghold

I’m safe in here, you’ll protect me right?

‘Cause I’m too little to defend myself in a fight

It’s you I need, as I continue to grow

And daddy too, to be my hero


Today, another day, I am twenty weeks old

You may have felt me as I find my foothold

My delicate chest now rises and falls

I’m practicing to breathe for outside these walls

My little mouth is swallowing more

And my senses are blooming, in case you’re unsure


Today, another day, I am twenty-four weeks old

My body fat is growing to protect me from cold

My lips and eyes are clear to see

My brain is growing, so rapidly

My lungs are developing and now I can hear

So talk to me please, so I know that you’re near


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Today, another day, I am twenty-eight weeks old

I can hear your voice, have you been told?

I can open my eyes and turn my head

I’m getting fatter, or so they said

I sleep and wake in regular spaces

As long as I find the most comfortable places


Today, another day, I am thirty-two weeks old

A round little basketball is what I’ve been called

I can tell the difference between dark and light

My legs are growing to give me some height

My hair is growing and I’m gaining weight

As you count down the weeks until my due date


Today, another day, I am thirty-six weeks old

Your energy is probably starting to fold

I’m gaining about twenty-eight grams a day

Filling out your tummy where I don’t plan to stay

No doubt that I poke you with my elbows and feet

I’m getting so excited as we prepare to meet


Today, another day, I am forty weeks old

My impatience to see you cannot be controlled

I’m fully developed, past ready to come

Although I might spend some more time in here, mum

My head is down and I’ll be on my way soon

Apparently its time to leave this cocoon


Today, another day, today I am

I’ve grown so much since I weighed less than a gram

I think that it’s clear, I’m part of a plan

That my life has mattered from the day I began

The doctor was right when he made the great call

That a person’s a person, no matter how small.

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