Trudeau on the March: Gay Pride, Not Pro-Life

19/07/2016 / Politics 

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So Prime Minister Justin Trudeau marched in Toronto’s pride parade last month. It was all very exciting and social-media worthy, obviously, as who doesn’t love a flamboyant family man enjoying a good colorful parade with way more skin on display than would allow him to actually bring said family along?

While I’m sure this politically-safe publicity stunt won over a few fans, I think it’s also safe to say that basically every other minority group should assume that this isn’t going to be standard behaviour. The LGBTQ movement continues to hold some kind of political spell where they are one of the most recognized, lauded minority groups in Canada (although brief mention was given to another worthwhile minority group who seem to be being pushed too quickly out of view, the Syrian refugees, as one was given the honor of marching beside Trudeau for the duration of the parade.)

We seem to have a Prime Minister who is always up for being front and center at a party (recent Calgary Stampede photos back this up), but quick to quietly fade into the background when an issue surrounded by real debate calls his name. Basically any minority group could jump in here with agreement and examples, and one issue where this is the case is that of abortion and the right to life.

Trudeau openly supports “choice” – which, ironically, means one choice, the choice to end the life of children in the womb. Trudeau joins thousands to march in the Pride Parade, but turns a blind eye to the equal thousands who marched in the March for Life in May. Despite how efficiently euthanasia legislation was passed, with consideration and discussion and solidifying of legal limitations, we continue in our on-going allowance of absolutely unlimited abortion.

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To allow abortion at any stage of a pregnancy, with no laws protecting our choice as women to carry a baby, no law protecting perfectly healthy girls from being dismembered because their father wanted a boy, and no law to protect a baby with Down’s Syndrome from being eliminated as not perfect enough, it is clear our lawmakers are not having a discussion that very much needs to be had.

Trudeau is quoted in the Globe and Mail as saying, “We have to speak up any time there is intolerance or discrimination.” We couldn’t agree more, and we’re speaking up. If the annual death of approximately 100,000 children who have never been given a chance at life isn’t discrimination, I don’t know what is. If the elimination of people with disabilities is not discrimination, I don’t know what is. 

And we’re not going to stop speaking up. We look forward to the day when a Canadian Prime Minister will make headlines for marching in the National March for Life, and his (or her!) decision will be supported and celebrated with the same media enthusiasm we saw for Mr. Trudeau’s attendance at the Pride Parade. 

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