Local Parades Perfect Opportunity for Pro-Life Activism!

30/08/2016 / Action Items 

We know that even for committed pro-life individuals it can be hard to talk to people about their views on abortion. It’s not something you’re likely to bring up with the grocery cashier, or knock on your neighbour’s door to talk about. For that reason, occasions that invite a wide variety of participants and draw a broad audience are perfect opportunities to take meaningful pro-life action in a less intimidating way.

Local parades are one great chance to spread the message that we need a law to protect pre-born children in Canada, and they happen all over Canada!




A talented and committed group of volunteers up in Smithers, B.C. recently put together an Asterix and Obelix-themed parade float displaying a message of life. They also handed out lollipops with precious feet on them, along with postcards and infographics along the parade path.




This is a beautiful example of seizing an opportunity to engage with the culture. Perhaps this will inspire you to start planning your float for the next parade in your town? We’d love to hear if you’ve done something similar, or have another great idea for grassroots involvement that can spread the pro-life message and open up the conversation about life in your community!


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