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30/01/2017 / Abortion 

Now is the time for action. We need to work together to take a stand for our pre-born neighbours, who are being targeted with greater intensity by Canada’s Trudeau government.

We know that Justin Trudeau fully supports the legal killing of pre-born children. We also know that over 100,000 abortions occur every year in Canada – and they are all paid for with your tax dollars.

In response to the Trump administrations re-enacting of the Mexico City Policy, an order that ensures U.S. foreign aid will not be used to subsidize abortion overseas, Trudeau has begun to actively pursue new opportunities to fund abortion in underdeveloped countries.

And he wants to use more of your tax dollars to achieve his goal!


It’s already tragic enough that we pay for this grievous injustice taking place in Canada. Now the federal government seems intent on forcing us to pay for the killing of even more pre-born children.

The House of Commons has resumed sitting today. Your MP is back in Ottawa and they need to hear the message loud and clear that we do not want any more of our tax dollars going to fund the killing of pre-born children.

There are three ways we are asking you to connect with your MP:

  1. Call him or her. Your representative gets very few phone calls. A phone call makes them stop and take notice in a way email cannot.
    1. To find your MPs phone number simply type your postal code in the “Contact your Representative” bar at the top of this page.
    2. Call them at their ‘Hill Office’ number.
    3. Remember to be respectful and maintain a calm tone.
    4. In addition to using the talking points below, be sure you get an answer to this question: “Does MP [name] support the use of Canadian tax payer dollars to fund overseas abortions?”
  2. Follow this call with an email the next day
    1. You can use the Simple Mail letter provided here. Please edit the intro with a reference to the phone call you already made. Something like, “Thanks for taking the time to listen to me yesterday. I am sending this to ensure you have received my concern…”
    2. We also encourage you to use the same “Contact your Representative” tool at the top of this page to locate your MP and send your own email to him or her.
    3. As with the phone call, make sure you get an answer to the question: “Do you support the use of Canadian tax payer dollars to fund overseas abortions?”
  3. Call the Prime Minister and the Minister of International Development with the same message. The numbers for each office are above. Be sure to leave a message if you receive an answering machine.

Here are three simple talking points:

  • You recently heard that the Canadian government was looking to expand on their funding of abortion overseas;
  • You do not support your tax dollars going to pay for abortion at home or overseas;
  • Pregnant women in developing countries are in desperate need of medicine, clean water, and maternal health – not abortion!

Will you take a stand with us and engage with these three calls to action?

Together we can make a difference!

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