The importance of an email: Bringing a pro-life focus to the Conservative Party leadership race

30/03/2017 / Abortion 

Every once in a while we get a solid clue that the work we are doing is impacting culture – that pro-life Canadians are making a difference. The Conservative Party leadership race is well underway, and candidates are having to consider the desires of pro-life Canadians. One such piece of evidence came across our desks this week in the form of an email from Rick Peterson.

Who is Rick Peterson? He is one of the fourteen candidates vying for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada. He’s an investment advisor from Vancouver, BC, a self-avowed “progressive conservative” who joined the leadership race last November after many others had already been campaigning for months. One of fourteen candidates, he hasn’t even been on the radar of pro-lifers. In fact, according the pro-life group Right Now, he doesn’t even deserve consideration by Canadians who are working to advance pre-born human rights.


So, you may ask, what could possibly be in this Peterson email that serves to encourage us? I won’t quote the email in its entirety, but the middle three paragraphs are telling:

I will be compassionate in understanding that some women may choose to undergo an abortion because they find themselves in a difficult situation.

To that end, as Prime Minister, I will work with provinces in order to reduce teenage pregnancies and increase funding for psychological counseling in abortion clinics. I will also increase collaboration with charities and organizations that provide support to pregnant women in financial or psychological distress.  I will also support initiatives that inform pregnant women about financial aid and adoption programs as a mean to reduce the number of abortions.

In line with the Party platform, I will support and prioritize comprehensive legislation making it criminal to use abortion as a mean to discriminate against female fetuses. (emphasis added)

The email begins with Peterson stating that he is “pro-choice” and clearly he supports a women’s right to choose abortion. And yet, if elected, Mr. Peterson is promising to address teenage pregnancy, increase funding for charities (pregnancy care centres), and criminalize sex-selective abortion! The only other candidate to address these topics with tangible policy solutions is Pierre Lemieux, and based on his long pro-life record we would expect Lemieux to speak to this.

What would precipitate Peterson offering promises on something so far out of his wheelhouse? The answer is YOU! You have not given into the idea that the debate on pre-born human rights is over, and have made it clear that a successful leadership bid can include pro-life promises. Now, before I get too far ahead of myself or you misunderstand, I am not suggesting that Peterson should receive your support. We Need a Law is non-partisan, which means that we will not endorse or oppose any candidate. What I am saying is that, because of your persistence in calling for abortion laws, and your continued participation in all aspects of the political process, candidates are realizing that they need our support if want to have a chance of winning.

God only knows if Rick Peterson will be successful in the Conservative Party leadership race. What we have been given through his specific targeting of pro-life support is a huge endorsement of our efforts.

Please be encouraged and continue to press on!

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