Choose Life! We’ve Got Your Back

14/05/2019 / Action Items 

On May 9, thousands of pro-life Canadians come out to Marches for Life across the country. At many of these, we heard the message that a single day of activism is not enough – we need to find ways to speak and act for the pro-life cause all year long. This week, we have a plan to help you keep the momentum going: our first annual “Choose Life! We’ve Got Your Back” campaign!

choose life pro-life campaign

The prospect of parenting, or parenting more children than you already have, can be overwhelming when facing an unplanned pregnancy. Pregnancy care centers are a place people can turn in crisis to find support, encouragement, and tangible help.

From Mother’s Day to Father’s Day is the perfect time to focus on parents! With our “We’ve Got Your Back” campaign, we want to reach those struggling with unplanned pregnancy and show them that the pro-life community has their back, not just through pregnancy, but also into parenting!

In collaboration with Choice42, we have put together a campaign to make it easy for you to donate to your local pregnancy care center. They work on the frontlines with women and families facing crisis pregnancies, or difficult early parenting years. By supporting them, you are supporting LIFE in your community.

We have a created an easy-to-use webpage listing the most common needs reported by pregnancy care centers. You can select what you want to purchase, then print off your shopping list or have it emailed to you. Then you’re ready to buy the items and drop them off! We encourage you to call your local center to see if there’s anything else specific they need that didn’t make the list.

Watch a tutorial video to see how it works!

As a pro-life community, we can shower pregnancy care centers across Canada with support. By doing so, we reach those we might not otherwise have reached in a show of love and support that says “Choose life. We’ve got your back.”

If you’d like to go further, consider how else you can get involved in your community! Volunteer at the crisis pregnancy center, participate in a local walk for life, write a letter to the editor about the items most needed by pregnancy care centers and how they benefit the community…there is much that can be done on a personal level to create a culture of life.

With this campaign, we hope to support families struggling with an unplanned pregnancy by supporting pregnancy care centers, many of which have had their funding affected by changes to the Canada Summer Jobs program. Local support is so important for changing hearts and minds about abortion.



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