Maxime Bernier on abortion: “This issue is not settled”

29/05/2019 / Action Items 

Abortion is an ongoing topic of discussion in the election campaign, as it should be in a country with no abortion laws, and with a majority of people in favour of having some restrictions. Maxime Bernier, leader of the upstart People’s Party of Canada, has issued some strong statements in support of advancing abortion regulations in Canada. In a series of tweets, Maxime Bernier responded to a report in La Presse newspaper that the Ministry of Health in Quebec was looking into ensuring late-term abortion services were provided within the province instead of sending women to United States “specialty clinics.”

Bernier is the latest high-profile politician in the past few weeks to outline their perspectives on the legality of abortion.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who has never missed an opportunity to reiterate his pro-abortion stance, initiated much of the current national conversation with a fundraising letter appealing with Liberal donations as a response to the participation of a dozen Conservative MPs in the National March for Life in Ottawa.

Speaking of those Conservative MPs, they should be applauded for publicly taking a stand in support of pre-born human rights. Their courage is not without opposition – both from within and outside of their political party.

And let’s not forget the three MPPs who spoke at the March for Life in Toronto. They incurred the wrath of abortion fanatics, with two having their offices targeted by protestors. We encourage you to send Christina Mitas, Willem Bouma, and Sam Oosterhoff a note of encouragement to stand strong for the pro-life cause.

The abortion debate continues, further than ever from being a closed issue.

Note: We Need a Law is non-partisan, meaning we do not support or oppose any political party or candidate. We exist to mobilize Canadians and politicians for the purpose of passing laws protecting pre-born children. Whenever the legal status of pre-born children and abortion regulations reaches the headlines in the mainstream media, we take notice and encourage those politicians who positively advance the conversation.

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