Twenty third victim in Nova Scotia mass killing not counted by most reports

30/04/2020 / blog posts 
The massacre that took place in Nova Scotia on April 19, 2020 was one of the deadliest in Canada’s history. Lasting over 13 hours across the province, it shocked and saddened Canadians. The victims included an RCMP officer, an elementary school teacher, and a family of three. Every victim matters and should be remembered. But there is one victim who, while briefly mentioned, is never counted in police or media reports of the death toll. That victim was Kristen Beaton’s pre-born child.

Kristen Beaton worked as a continuing care assistant and was on her way to see a client when she was killed. She was pregnant with her second child. Her obituary describes her devotion to her born son: “Kris’s greatest accomplishment in her short life was her son Daxton. Kris loved that boy more than life itself.” The obituary also notes the death of the 23rd victim – “her unborn, baby Beaton”.

Her husband Nick Beaton talked to the media in an emotional video about his unborn son, noting that they hadn’t had the chance to tell family yet. “We were going to tell them this week when she was on vacation. Our [3-year-old] son Daxton was going to wear a shirt that let everybody know…he cowardly, extremely cowardly, took my wife’s life and our unborn baby,” Nick said.

Our hearts go out to the people of Nova Scotia and especially to the families of the victims. We remember that each and every one of the victims was a human life with inherent value and a gift to those around them. This includes the 23rd victim whom reports fail to recognize – baby Beaton.

Learn more about the ongoing failure of Canadian law to recognize pre-born victims of crime

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