Opportunity for action on January 28 Morgentaler Anniversary

17/01/2022 / Abortion 

A few things to know about the Morgentaler decision

January 28th marks 34 years since the Supreme Court struck down the Criminal Code provision for abortion in the Morgentaler case. Our team put together a new rack card about the Morgentaler case. We hope you find this resource useful in understanding the history of abortion law in Canada and to hopefully explain some of what the Supreme Court decided.

Since 1988, there has been no abortion law in Canada. There are two things you can do for pre-born children to mark this day:

  1. Remind our government of the need for a law. If you are willing to send a postcard to your MP about this issue, contact us at [email protected] and we will mail you a postcard to fill out. You can fill them out with friends, colleagues, your Bible study group, or your family – let us know how many you would like!
  2. Remind your fellow Canadians that Canada has no abortion law! Challenge them to face the fact that abortion is legal at any stage of pregnancy, for any reason. How can you do this?
    • If you have one of our lawn signs lying around, put it back in your lawn and initiate conversations with your neighbours.
    • Grab a few friends and organize a SignsUP! display for January 28. If we have signs in your area, we will help you coordinate pick up, or you can make your own signs! 
    • Send a letter to the editor to your local paper. We have sample letters to the editor available to make this very simple – email us if you’d like one to submit or need help figuring out how to submit a letter to the editor. And if you do submit one – send us a copy. We would love to read what you write!

Let’s kick off this new year with a loud and clear message – Canada has no abortion law, and it’s time that changed.

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