Live-birth abortion numbers increase in Canada

07/06/2022 / Abortion 

Late-term abortions are a taboo topic, even among many abortion providers. Officially, most Canadian hospitals and clinics don’t perform abortions past approximately the 20-week mark. Even though Canada has no abortion law that would prevent these abortions from happening, many doctors are understandably uncomfortable with aborting a child who could feasibly survive outside the womb.

Unfortunately, not all doctors have such qualms. Pro-life blogger Patricia Maloney investigated the number of live-birth abortions occurring in Canada and, almost unbelievably, the number is even higher than last year. These are abortions where the means of killing the pre-born child fail so that he or she is born alive, and then left to die with no medical care or intervention.

According to statistics Maloney obtained from the Canadian Institute of Health Information (CIHI), there were 127 live-birth abortions in 2020/2021. In 2019/2020, there were 112. When we wrote about this in 2018, there had been 766 over a five-year period. These older pre-born children fight for their lives against the efforts of those who would kill them, but when they emerge alive there is no one there to care beyond the messy inconvenience they have caused. They are abandoned to die, and then discarded.

Late-term abortions are happening in Canada, funded with taxpayer money, and it’s exactly as ugly and horrific as it sounds. On top of those born alive and left to die, another 935 stillbirth abortions were performed in 2020/2021 – abortions where the means of death was effective prior to birth, but the baby was 20 weeks old or more when he or she was born dead.

As Maloney concludes on her blog, “If this isn’t something to weep over, I don’t know what is.”

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