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05/10/2021 / Action Items 

Host a screening of the Missing Project, a 70-minute film that documents what is missing in our nation because of fifty years of legal abortion. Missing laws. Missing people. Missing information. Missing voices. Since 1969, abortion has been legal in Canada, and in 1988 the remaining law was struck down as unconstitutional. This has left Canada the only democratic country in the world with no abortion law. Watch to learn more about how this happened, how this status quo has become entrenched in Canada, and what can be done to change this.

Here are a few suggestions and general guidelines for organizing your event:

  • Work with others: Consider partnering with other pro-life or human rights groups in your area, and other people you may know. This will not only help with the amount of work, it will also help spread the word to more people
  • Confirm the date: Pick an evening that conflicts least with other like-minded functions in the area.
  • Secure a venue: We recommend a minimum of 30 people at each screening. Make sure your venue fits a large group comfortably, and can provide or accommodate a laptop, projector, quality speakers and a screen.
  • Advertise: Create a Facebook event and invite your friends. Create a poster, reminding people of the upcoming event and post in the local community newspapers and/or as a bulletin announcement. Consider charging a fee to re-coup the costs of a screening (when you put a price on something people are more invested).

Day of the event:

  • Print out discussion questions (download here).
  • Before the screening begins, provide the audience with a bit of information (ie. “Welcome to tonight’s screening of The Missing Project! Here is a little bit of information about the film.”) Make them aware that the film will begin with a short intro by the producer, Ryan Stockert.


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