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05/10/2021 /  

Want to do SignsUp! with your school club? Maybe you want to use the signs to send a message to your provincial legislature. Or maybe you and your friends want to educate commuters at a busy intersection near you.

The signs are available for use and we will work with you to coordinate dates and location, and assist you as much as possible in sharing this message in your community.

  • Why? Send Canadians a message about the reality very few know: Canada has NO abortion law.
  • How? Reach Canadians with the censored message from our billboards. Stand with friends and hold up a message to get people thinking: is this okay?
  • When?  Whenever works for you! Initially we ran the campaign for one week of mornings at busy intersections, to reach commuters. But whether you want to do this in the morning, afternoon, evening or during the day in front of a local politician’s office, we’re thrilled to know you’re putting these SignsUp! in your community.

Lead your friends, family, Bible study, youth group, or colleagues in a week of pro-life activism!

Find signs near you here.

Questions? Contact us at [email protected]


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