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05/10/2021 /  

Grassroots democracy is exactly that, grassroots. It’s organic, and it’s the people of Canada who need to send the message to their leaders. It only takes 25 signatures to get something read in the House of Commons and this is a great opportunity to affect the policy in our country by using our freedom of expression.

Petition Tips: 

  • Signature, city, and province are all that is required.
  • Any age can sign the petition.
  • Bigger is not always better. Longer petitions can be split into smaller ones (a few pages each) which will allow a sympathetic MP to present the petition in the House of Commons many times.
  • Make it most effective by asking to meet with your MP to discuss the issue and why it matters to you.
  • Petitions remain relevant for a long time. Please keep at it and continue to drop off copies at your MP’s office.
  • If your MP is hostile to the cause, you may send the petitions to any other MP instead. Even if your MP does not support the petition, they are duty-bound to present petitions from people in their riding.

For a list of guidelines for petitions to the House of Commons click here.

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