Write a letter to the editor

05/10/2021 /  

A great way to keep the conversation going in your community! Your local paper will include information on where/how to submit a letter to the editor. Here are some tips:

  • Focus on one issue only. Keep it clear and short – only 200-250 words.
  • If you are responding to a current news story or article, note this in your email subject line when sending the letter (For example: Letter to the editor re: story on pregnancy care centers)
  • Remove non-essential words such as “I think” or “I believe.” Just state the facts.
  • Start your email with a brief introduction followed by your name, city, and daytime phone number.
  • Include your letter in the body of your email, not as an attachment.
  • If your letter doesn’t get published the first time, don’t be discouraged! They receive many letters each week, so please keep trying.
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