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There is no federal or provincial law, or college regulation, regulating abortion. Parliament needs to make a law that protects the rights of pre-born children. #cdnpoli #abortion #billboard #humanrightsforall

To watch a discussion of the ruling from our Facebook Live video, scroll to the bottom of this post or click here. A 2008 Ad Standards ruling said, "the Canadian Government has not, through legislation or otherwise, declared that abortions were either legal or illegal." In 2018 they said: "binding...

Iowa just passed a law banning #abortion once a fetal heartbeat is detected - would LOVE to see a law like this in Canada! #cdnpoli #weneedalaw

Iowa passed a law over the weekend banning abortion after 6 weeks. Known as a heartbeat law, this law is based on the earliest time when a pre-born child’s heartbeat can be detected. The law does contain some exceptions for cases of rape, incest, or...

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