Pre-born child dies in hit-and-run

09/01/2023 / Featured 

The week before Christmas, a pregnant woman was struck in an apparent hit-and-run in Prince George, B.C. The 37-year-old woman is recovering in a Vancouver hospital, but the pre-born boy she was just three weeks away from delivering did not survive. The driver, who was found by police, will not be charged with the death of this child due to the child’s location.

Canada’s lack of abortion law has repercussions beyond just abortion. It means our law does not – cannot – recognize the humanity of a pre-born child. Had the child been in a stroller, in a baby carrier, or toddling beside his mother, it would be a dramatically different story. But for this mother and child, justice will not be met.

We continue to fight for legal recognition of pre-born children such as this one through our pre-born victims of crime initiative, because these children deserve to be valued for the human beings that they are.

If you’d like to take action on this issue, you can visit our There Were Two website dedicated specifically to this issue and the stories the fuel it.

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