Tonight: Windsor Regional Hospital board to hear from pro-life demonstrators

12/12/2019 / Press Releases 
For immediate release – Windsor, ON

December 12, 2019

The board of Windsor Regional Hospital will be meeting this evening, and among the items scheduled to be discussed are bubble zones, also called “safe access zones”. Laurie Eberhardt, the local 40 Days for Life organizer, as well as pro-abortion activist group Feminists for Action will be presenting to the hospital board. This board meeting comes after months of pressure from the pro-abortion group for the hospital to apply for a safe access zone under the 2017 provincial law that bans all pro-life expression outside of abortion clinics. The law gave the option for hospitals where abortions are performed to apply for a 50-150 metre bubble zone. No hospital has done so to date.

Tabitha Ewert, legal counsel for We Need a Law, is traveling to Windsor to support the local 40 Days for Life group. “For many years the people at 40 Days for Life have been offering a peaceful, prayerful, public witness to the value of all life. Their presence is a testimony to their heartfelt belief that all lives are valuable. They care about women and they want to pray for both the women and their pre-born children,” Ewert explained. “A bubble zone would be a huge detriment to their vigil and will prevent those in Windsor from seeing this pro-life witness.”

In August the Windsor Regional Hospital supported freedom of expression, announcing their decision not to apply for a safe access zone. Ewert commented, “The hospital has made a good decision. I am encouraged to see they are hearing from both sides at this board meeting and I am optimistic that we will see them hold to their decision not to apply for a bubble zone.”


Tabitha Ewert will be in Windsor for the board meeting. 
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