Faye Sonier: The Joyce Arthur Defamation Suit and the Tactic of Being Vague

27/09/2013 / Abortion 

Faye SonierFaye Sonier over at Evangelical Fellowship of Canada has written an excellent piece on the recent decision of the Vancouver and Burnaby Crisis Pregnancy Centres announcement that they would not be appealing a court’s decision in a defamation suit against pro-choice activist Joyce Arthur.

You can read the entire piece here, but we include this quote from Ms. Sonier:

“This report is hugely damaging to CPCs in B.C., as well as the rest of Canada. I understand why the CPCs are not pursuing the suit further. Given how unspecific Arthur was in her allegations, an appeal of the decision would be a tough, uphill and costly legal battle. I like that the CPCs will issue a rebuttal of Arthur’s allegations. This is a reasoned response to a near impossible situation.

But I’m still frustrated. I’m frustrated that a poorly crafted, government funded report will tarnish the reputation of Canadian CPCs. Unlike Arthur’s shoddy research, CPCs are funded not by tax-payers but by private donors so centres can offer free services and resources to women and families facing unplanned or crisis pregnancies.”

Ms. Sonier encourages the reader to send a note of encouragement to your local crisis pregnancy centre and we do the same. For the contact information for the centre nearest you click here.

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