11/04/2014 / Poem 


The remedy for choice

these days,

is in a little pill.

Just pop one if you’re


and the life within

-will end,

-be still.

Such is the crazy world

we’re in,

a drug for when you’re in

a fix!

A death producing-life defying

RU Four-Eighty-Six.

RU for real?

Can this be true?

a child’s mother pops a pill??

How can these little ones

have voice?

Stand now!

Stand for the Weak!

RU 4 Death??  RU 4 Life??

Stand now! Stand!

Say your piece!

That babies may say

“I was born!”,

and this drug

go the way

of “cease”!

Life is a GIFT!

And a precious one!

A pill should not take that away!

Instead, let’s all live,

and let live to

all those,

who’ve begun

in their own

special way!!

Lori Verhelst, 2014  (in anticipation for March For Life 2014, which the theme is…RU4LIFE!)

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