Online abortion memorial in its second year

17/07/2014 / Abortion 

Our campaign exists to bring awareness of the lack of protection for pre-born children, but there are more lives affected by abortion than that of the child. When a woman decides to have an abortion she may have made the decision jointly with her partner, or she may have made it on her own, she may have been coerced into it, or she may have believed that it was nothing more than another medical procedure.

We certainly need laws to protect pre-born children, but what about the countless others – women, men, siblings, grandparents, and the list goes on – of those affected by abortion.

The non-profit, launched the website in May, 2013. According to co-founder and president of, the abortion memorial was “inspired by the National Memorial for the Unborn in Chattanooga, Tennessee. That physical memorial and chapel is simple, quiet, and serene. It’s also very moving. With, we attempted to provide the same sort of environment virtually. It’s meant to purely be a place of healing and comfort – the kind of comfort we can only receive from others who share our experiences.”

We encourage you to visit, you will be moved. Whether you have personally experienced an abortion, know someone who has or simply believe that abortion is the premature ending of a child’s life, this site is powerful and beautiful. The testimonials are as unique as the person writing them. With more than 260 memorials posted to date there are lengthy entries, there are ones with just a baby’s name, some are accompanied by photos but they all share one thing in common: grief of a life (or lives) lost due to abortion.

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