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08/06/2015 / Events 

Pro-life friends,

Last week I was able to enjoy many good conversations with Members of Parliament and their staffers as I was in Ottawa to assist and encourage the federal government with introducing a principled euthanasia law. It was during those meetings and conversations that I was reminded again of the effectiveness of the WNAL campaign in its efforts to build support for the protection of pre-born human life.

In one conversation, MPs were asked what their highlight of the past four years was in regard to life issues. One MP responded that it was the morning he stepped onto Parliament Hill and was surrounded by 100,000 pink and blue flags. That gave him the opportunity and encouragement to explain to his colleagues that every flag represents another life lost because of abortion, thanks in part to Canada having no laws.

Another Member of Parliament explained his highlight was the momentum that was generated by the introduction of Motion 408 (Mark Warawa’s gendercide motion) and how that has changed the entire discussion by sending a loud a clear signal to all MPs that democracy is fundamentally flawed if we can’t have an honest discussion about a girls being killed simply because it exposes the injustice of abortion.

There were more encouraging discussions, but the point that stayed with me is that these highlights were directly related to the work that WNAL has been doing with the grassroots, Parliamentarians, and media. There is no doubt that God has blessed this effort and allowed it to soften hearts and minds across this nation about pre-born human rights. Pro-life MPs show great respect for the WNAL staff, tone, and willingness to help. Even pro-abortion MPs and media are willing to take part in respectful discussion about abortion, thanks to WNAL’s leadership.

WNAL (under its parent organization ARPA Canada) is now one of only a few organizations in Canada that is an official registered lobbyist actively pursuing abortion laws and restrictions. Although we have only one full-time and two part-time staff, we are perhaps the most active on this front in Canada. Given that more than 100,000 children are dying every year, one would expect that the pro-life community would invest more in working with the people who have the ability to change the law and protect the pre-born.

Last week my colleague Mike Schouten sent a note to you saying that the campaign is doing its once-a-year electronic fundraiser to help pay for its $200,000+ budget and, if possible, to even grow that so it can expand its efforts. The goal was to find 100 people who are willing to come alongside us with a monthly donation before Wednesday evening. So far only about 20 people have responded in this way. Given the thousands of people who get this email, I think we can all agree that is not a very big response, especially when any donation of any amount per month is counted.

Many of you have made it possible for us to exist and grow since we started this campaign three years ago. We don’t take that for granted. We also don’t believe we have a right to continue, or grow. But we also know that there are thousands of you who haven’t given anything, the cause is great, and the organization is run responsibly and effectively. We respectfully ask you to consider becoming a monthly supporter. You can do so by clicking here.

I don’t mind sending a fundraising letter when the cause is so close to my heart and I have good reason to trust that the funds will be used well. If you haven’t done so yet, please be an example, and then encourage your friends to do the same. The Lord willing, these small acts can be seeds that sprout and grow into a harvest where we see human life cherished, one life at a time.

For life,

Mark Penninga
Executive Director
ARPA Canada (which oversees the WNAL campaign)

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