Dr. Jordan Peterson calls for movement on abortion laws

25/06/2018 / Abortion 

Dr. Jordan Peterson is a professor at the University of Toronto and outspoken advocate for freedom of speech in Canada.  He recently took on the topic of abortion via video conference with Faytene Grasseschi  on Faytene TV.

In discussing abortion Peterson is clear that it is morally wrong. He calls out politicians for their weak approach to the issue, leaving it in the hands of the courts rather than taking responsibility and action.

It is interesting to see Peterson call for a poll of Canadians to find common ground where abortion regulation can start. Most Canadians, he says, likely do not support abortion at 9 months gestation. It would be simple, he continues, for the government to roll out a variety of legislative propositions and see what people think.

We are already aware from past polls that there is little approval for sex-selective abortion, lack of recognition for pre-born victims of crime, and late-term abortions. This indicates a majority of Canadians do not support the status quo of open access to abortion for any reason.

The majority of democratic nations regulate abortion after the first trimester, and it is this standard which our International Standards Law is modeled after. These regulations include access to counseling and waiting periods, to ensure women are not coerced or pressured, and are giving fully informed consent. Comprehensive polling and legislative propositions from the government would be a bold move, an indication that they are willing to tackle this issue head-on and find common ground to build on.

Free speech is very much at stake in Canada, and the pro-life movement is a popular target. Bubble zones are being implemented around abortion clinics, preventing positive pro-life messages from reaching women seeking abortions. Advertisements are being judged inaccurate and demeaning despite conveying truth. It is more important than ever that we refuse to be silenced. Instead, we must continue to speak up, to seek common ground with our fellow Canadians, and to take steps that will protect the most vulnerable members of the human family.

The whole interview is very interesting, but you can start around 27 minutes to catch his thoughts on abortion.

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