Standing up for Pregnancy Care Centres

29/09/2021 / Action Items 

Ask your MP to stand behind pregnancy care centres

You have a new or a returning MP and it’s time to get working on building your relationship with them! After congratulating them on their election win, let them know you’re looking for their leadership on pro-life issues. A great place to start is expressing to them the value of your local pregnancy care centre.

Why pregnancy care centres?

During the election campaign, the Liberal party pledged to remove the charity status of some pro-life organizations, particularly pregnancy care centres. If they do this, it could shut down local pregnancy care centres that count on donations and volunteers to operate. We can act now to remind our leaders that abortion should not be the only choice Canadian women are supported in.

Pregnancy care centres come alongside women facing unexpected pregnancies. They provide support and resources throughout the pregnancy and on through the child’s first few years. There is no doubt that they are worthy charitable institutions providing a service to the broader community. If you have any connection to your local pregnancy care centre, whether as a client, a donor, or a volunteer, let your MP know what that means to you.

TAKE ACTION: Take a minute to write to your MP, congratulate them on their election/re-election, and ask them to stand up for the work pregnancy care centres do.

If you’re not sure who your new MP is, you can find out (and find their email address!) on the House of Commons website.

Pregnancy Care Canada came out with a very helpful fact sheet regarding pregnancy care centres: you can find it here.

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