Distribute flyers in your neighbourhood

15/09/2022 /  

We’ve created a variety of mailbox flyers to spread the message.

Follow some simple instructions to ensure that your efforts are efficient and effective:

  • Pick a Saturday (or any day of the week), get some volunteers together and go around a neighbourhood delivering them to homes until they’re all gone.
  • These do not need to go into a mailbox. In fact, it will be more visible, and you will be able to deliver them more quickly, if you simply slide them between the door and the weatherstripping. This way as soon as the homeowner opens the door they are presented with your message. Also, many homes no longer have mailboxes – especially in townhouse complexes.
  • In regular subdivisions, each volunteer should be able to deliver about 40 flyers per hour. This gives you an idea of how many volunteers you will need, and how long ask them to commit to.
  • Have fun and if it goes well don’t hesitate to order some more!

Contact our team at [email protected] to receive flyers today!

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