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Join our efforts to reach every single MP with a handwritten letter advocating for pre-born human rights!

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The goal: at least one committed advocate for the pre-born in every riding across Canada; the ask: handwrite a personal letter to your MP (we'll help you out with the talking points and a deadline); the reason: pre-born children have no legal protection in Canada, and not all MPs are hearing the desire for change; the prize: a nation-wide unity in bringing the message to Parliament that We Need a Law.

What do I do once I’ve signed up?

Please send a handwritten letter about the need for abortion laws to your Member of Parliament as soon as possible, and no later than May 2018.

Your letter should focus on one of our three main initiatives, all of which you can find detailed on our website. These are sex-selective abortion, late-term abortion, and pre-born victims of crime.

Your introduction will lead into one of these talking points as your particular area of concern. After addressing your MP respectfully, clearly lay out two or three points supporting your argument (you can find information on each topic at the links above). If you’re comfortable doing so, offer to meet for further discussion if they are interested.

For example, if you were addressing late-term abortion, you could begin like this:

Dear (MP name),

Thank you for the work you do in representing our community. I am writing to you because I am deeply concerned about the status quo in Canada regarding abortion. We are the only democratic nation in the world to have no regulations around abortion, and it is time we started putting boundaries in place to protect our pre-born neighbours. All other countries regulate abortion, and polls show that the majority of Canadians do not support late-term abortion. Many are not even aware that it abortion is legal right up until birth.

I am aware that abortion is not a popular topic for politicians. But I look forward to hearing from you on this, and hope you will be willing to take a stand for those who are unable to speak for themselves. If you would like to meet to discuss this further or know of a way I can support you in advancing pre-born human rights, please let me know.


On our SimpleMail site there are many sample emails if you’re looking for inspiration, and many of the tips and talking points for visiting your representative may also be helpful to you. While you can email anytime, for this challenge we ask that you take the time to write out your letter, as we have heard consistently from MPs that those are the letters that get read and noticed.

All letters can be mailed to the Parliament buildings in Ottawa. There is no postage required to send mail to Parliament.

Simply fill in your MP’s name above the following address:

Your MP’s name
Parliament of Canada
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Thank you so much for coming alongside us to fight for the protection of pre-born human rights! Please let us know when you have completed your letter so we can take you off our reminder list knowing your MP has received his or her call to action.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at at any time if you have questions or would like assistance!

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