A failure to understand prudence

11/02/2014 / International Standards Abortion Law 

A pretty disturbing article was posted on the weekend by a popular pro-life blogger that we highly respect.

From Run With Life,

“This week I came across a joint statement by Campaign Life Coalition and Alliance for Life Ontario. It was titled “WHY THE CASE FOR GESTATIONAL ABORTION LAWS IS MORALLY AND LOGICALLY INCOHERENT”.

We have yet to see such a statement, but according to Run With Life it includes statements like,

“We will never propose or support a gestational abortion law for Canada.”

And a little further on,

“A deliberate decision to propose, support, or vote for a gestational abortion law is a behaviour that is in itself immoral.”

These two organizations fail to understand what political prudence is.

To quote Clarke Forsythe Senior Legal Counsel of Americans United for Life, “It is not immoral to be limited by obstacles beyond your control. You are not responsible for what you cannot achieve. You are responsible for what you can achieve.”

A statement such as this from Campaign Life Coalition and Alliance for Life Ontario requires further response. For now we leave you with these words from Pat Maloney, “If others do not believe in gestational legislation as a valid strategy, that is fine. But making up reasons that are untrue to argue one’s case, is not the way to persuade others to your viewpoint.”




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