Open letter to Premier of New Brunswick

22/04/2014 / Abortion 

On the heels of the announcement that New Brunswick’s only private abortion clinic will be closing in July, over 125 respected physicians, lawyers, family organizations, and individuals have signed a public letter (see attached) sent to New Brunswick Premier, Mr. David Alward. The letter was also copied to Mr. Hugh Flemming (Minister of Health, New Brunswick), Member of Parliament Kelly Leitch (Federal Minister of Status of Women) and Member of Parliament Rona Ambrose (Federal Minister of Health).

The signatories urge government officials to reject demands from abortion advocates to fund the Morgentaler Clinic with taxpayer dollars, and to not weaken the current regulations that require the approval of two doctors stating that an abortion is medically necessary.

“We are pleased to add our name to this open letter,” said director Mike Schouten. “Abortion can have serious consequences and we applaud New Brunswick for ensuring that at least some safeguards are in place. We certainly would not want to see the current regulations in that province weakened.”

Regulation 84-20, Schedule 2 (a.1) of New Brunswick’s Medical Services Payment Act stipulates that an abortion will only be funded if it is performed in a hospital after two doctors have certified in writing that the procedure is medically necessary.

The letter states,

We encourage you to embrace public policy that is truly pro-woman: that ensures women are fully informed about the abortion procedure, that women understand the seriousness of the risks they face because of the procedure, and, most importantly, that women don’t suffer through a medical operation that is, in fact, unnecessary.

“It is our hope that Premier Alward and the government of New Brunswick will be able to see through the rhetoric being flung at them and continue to make good decisions in regards to restricting the use of taxpayer dollars for the purposes of abortion,” said Schouten.

The letter concludes by saying,

The closing of a private, for-profit clinic shows that the pro-choice maxim is actually beginning to be achieved: abortions are to be safe, legal and rare. It is our hope you will not capitulate to those who demand the funding of elective medical procedures – abortions – at the Morgentaler Clinic.

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