Selfish world of abortion advocates

02/05/2014 / Abortion 

Must read article by Andrea Mrozek in today’s National Post.

Proponents of taxpayer funded abortion on demand are selfish and it’s about time they were called on it.

Ms. Mrozek says,

“If I had gotten pregnant when I was in my 20s, I would have felt that my career was more important. Today, I realize how problematic that philosophy can be. It’s a philosophy that allows women to trample on others — including their own children — to pursue other goals. It’s a philosophy that tells women and men that they have the right to put themselves at the centre of the universe.

In short, it’s selfish. We are told that such selfishness is a virtue. Finishing university offers the virtue of making a real contribution to the world, which, we are implicitly told, having children is not.”

You can read the rest of her piece here. 


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