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How often do you do some navel-gazing? Not just posing for yoga, but actually literally looking down at your belly button and thinking about it? Perhaps as a human race we don’t do this often enough. The belly button means that, as independent and self-sufficient as...

  How Fearfully, How Wonderfully Made   How fearfully, how wonderfully made! Beyond a shadow, or a shade, Human, in every function, every way, My Lord, my God! With my own DNA.   He formed and nurtured me, at every stage! My life is written on His page, Made me with purpose, yes indeed From first...

A recent article by Sherry Colb and Michael Dorf questions the divide between animal rights activists and pro-life activists. They pose these two questions: "Do animal-rights activists care more about the well-being of nonhuman animals than about the survival of tiny humans?" and "Do pro-life activists care more...

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