MP Brad Trost asks Canadians to support Motion 312

24/05/2012 / blog posts 

Brad TrostHere is a short letter from Brad Trost, Member of Parliament for Saskatoon-Humboldt. Please consider his request and use the Simple Mail letter we have prepared concerning Motion 312 to send a note to your MP within seconds!


Dear Concerned Canadian,

I am writing to you on an extremely important matter—one that concerns human life and when life is recognized as a human being.

At present, Canadian law states that a child becomes a human being only after the moment of complete birth. Remarkably, this legal definition is based on British Common Law from the 17th Century. It is vital that the Canadian definition of a human being should be determined with 21st Century medicine science, not 17th Century medical science or law.

Member of Parliament Stephen Woodworth has put forward a Motion in Parliament (Motion 312) that recommends that Parliament form a special Parliamentary Committee to study Canada’s 400 year old definition of a human being and to report back to the House of Commons on the medical evidence it finds, and on options to deal with this archaic law.

I encourage you to write or e-mail your Member of Parliament and ask him or her to support MP Stephen Woodworth’s Motion, Motion 312.

If you have the time, visiting your Member of Parliament in person to discuss your support for Motion 312 is also very effective.

More information is available at:

I encourage you to circulate this e-mail to your friends and family.




Brad Trost, MP


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