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04/05/2012 / blog posts 

weneedaLAW.ca endorsed by prominent political pundits!


The campaign is only a few days old and we’ve already attracted reactions from Canadians on both sides of the debate.

Here’s what one active pro-choicer reacted with (check the date, she picked it up only a few hours after the site went live!) Warning: if you visit her website, scathinglywrongrightwingnutz, you may be exposed to filthy and vulgar language. 


I guess that proves the old adage, “you must be doing something right if the opposition rears its head!”


We’ve always known that most Canadians want a law, and it didn’t take long for some well-known personalities in the media to take notice either.

Here’s what Charles Adler of Sun News tweeted today:



And here’s what Jonathan Kay, the managing editor for the National Post posted on twitter a few days ago:




The mainstream media has been talking and writing at length about our lack of abortion laws and this gives us great confidence that momentum is building and the tide is turning.

If you haven’t read it yet, check out this great article by Margaret Somerville in Friday’s Ottawa Citizen. Dr. Somerville is a well-known ethicist whose views are respected widely. Articles like this are appearing in the news on a regular basis. This means that we’re gaining ground and a shift in public opinion is underway!

It’s only a matter of time before Canada has an abortion law!

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