Canadian Auto Workers on wrong side of abortion debate

26/06/2012 / blog posts 

For more photos of the CAW organized protest and the pro-life presentation click here.

NACLondonLondon, Ontario – June 26, 2012 – The Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) Union, turned pro-abortion advocacy organization, managed to get a few dozen protesters out to meet the New Abortion Caravan as it set up for its London event on Monday evening.

While some have expressed bewilderment as to what business CAW has in putting forward an opinion on this matter, director, Mike Schouten has a different take on their participation. “Members of the Canadian Auto Workers Union should be outraged. The CAW has a long history of advocating for workers safety. They ought to be working to protect the hundreds of thousands of potentials members who lose their lives each year due to abortion, rather than promoting this blatant disregard for the safety of human individuals.”

Schouten went on to say that, “If anything they should be standing up for pre-born children who are the next generation of employees for their automobile factories”.

Some of the female protesters in London went so far as to undress themselves in order to emphasize that this issue is exclusively about women’s rights.

“Canadians have been fed a pro-choice rhetoric that this is an issue only of women’s rights. There are at least two individuals immediately affected by the choice a women makes when an abortion is committed,” Schouten said. 

“It’s unfortunate that due to the pro-choice rhetoric Canadians have been fed for so long, the discussion is improperly framed as solely about women’s rights”, Schouten said. “It’s time that we properly framed the debate as one concerning all humans, and that includes pre-born children, many of whom would one day take up positions in the very car factories represented by the Canadian Auto Workers Union”, concluded Schouten.

Through the educational efforts of the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform as well as the building groundswell for political change created by, the debate is shifting to properly include discussion about the human rights of children in the womb.

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