New SimpleMail – Summer Reflections on M-312

06/07/2012 / blog posts 

Summer Reflections on M312Motion 312 is set to be debated for the second time in the House of Commons in mid-September. Due to the illness of Mr. Woodworth’s mother, we have additional time to influence MP’s and encourage them to express support for a healthy discussion about the humanity of pre-born children. As your MP heads out on the barbeque circuit, he/she needs to be reminded of the necessity of voting in favour of M-312 and the fact that where you live in Canada shouldn’t determine if you live.

For more info on Mr. Woodworth’s motion click here.

Image3-SimpleMailYou can view the letter by clicking here, or just click the SimpleMail icon on the right and follow the 3 simple steps to send it to your MP, the Justice Minister, and the leaders of each party.

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