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18/03/2013 / blog posts 

The documentary “It’s a Girl” has been shown in many locations throughout Canada over the past number of months. This film depicts the horrible reality of female feticide in India and China and how a cultural preference for boys has resulted in over 200 million missing girls throughout the world.

Last year a CBC investigation revealed that ultrasound clinics were disclosing the gender of pre-born children for the purpose of aborting if the pre-born child was not of the preferred gender.

Message to HarperSince introducing Motion 408 – a motion to condemn sex-selective pregnancy termination – last fall, Member of Parliament Mark Warawa has been advocating for its unanimous passage through the House of Commons. In the past few weeks Mr. Warawa has been attending presentations of “It’s a Girl” and making the point that up to this point the Prime Minister has not indicated support.

His suggestion, which we wholeheartedly agree with, is to contact the Prime Minister using all the tools available. In today’s world these tools consist of Telephone, Email, and Twitter. We need everyone to take part and make sure Prime Minister Harper hears us loud and clear – unfair discrimination against females should not be tolerated in Canada and we expect our government to take a leadership role in preventing gendercide!

For talking points on Motion 408 please click here

PHONE Mr. Harper – Call 613-992-4211. You can call anytime of day. If you don’t get a live person on the phone leave a voice mail.

EMAIL Mr. Harper – [email protected]

TWEET Mr. Harper – Send short 140 character messages to @pmharper and use hashtags #M408, #cdnpoli and #defendgirls


  • Be respectful with your communication.
  • Ask for a reply.
  • Refrain from ad hominem attacks by sticking to the talking points.
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