A blatant objectification of women

15/03/2013 / blog posts 

UofW costumeThe recent absurdities put on display by pro-choice demonstrators at the University of Waterloo go beyond pathetic. In addition to being a clear attack on the fundamental freedom of expression we cherish, they are an insult to the many Canadians engaged in this serious debate.

To view footage of the protesters please click here.

I respect the fact there are a divergence of views on this topic, but seriously, dressing up in vagina costumes and impeding someone’s freedom of speech isn’t going to get you anywhere, that is, unless you think being identified as an extremist is a success. As an advocate for pre-born human rights I actually quite enjoy the attention these ‘vagina warriors’ are receiving as I assume there aren’t too many Canadians who would identify with their blatant objectification of women.

One of the reasons fetal rights has become a more acceptable topic on the public agenda in recent months is due to a growing understanding among Canadians that the tired rhetoric is simply that – rhetoric. As the discussion continues to become focused on the real issue, namely, “what are the pre-born?” we are witnessing a transformation whereby there is an strengthening sense of urgency to deal with what is clearly an egregious human rights violation against vulnerable members of the human family.

As hard as they try, the ‘vagina warriors’ at University of Waterloo no longer define the terms of the debate. For that Canadians can be thankful.

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