Saving some as we work to save all!

29/10/2013 / Abortion 

Working Together resizedIn the past number of decades we can observe that whenever legislation protecting pre-born children has been introduced in the House of Commons, pro-lifers reacted in two distinct manners. First, it had the potential to divide – with some supporting it and others voicing their disapproval. Secondly, and specifically for those supportive of such legislation, it provided incredible boosts to the momentum as there was something to rally around.

Unless we want to spend the next quarter of a century in the political wasteland, it is time we think about honing our ability to focus solely on the second point.

Every time a piece of legislation is introduced we have opportunity to interact, not only amongst ourselves, but with the media, with fellow Canadians and our elected officials.

As we saw with national conversations on Motion 312 and 408, each time legislation is brought forward, abortion becomes something more acceptable to discuss, and the Canadian public become more educated as to the tragedy of what is going on in our country.

Let’s never underestimate the pedagogical aspect of the law, the law as a teacher. Laws that are introduced and passed have an incredible ability to teach about the harm of abortion and what it does to pre-born humans.

We need to use the opportunities presented us to show that we are united. Certainly, not every piece of legislation we see will be the one you or I would put forward as the all important first step. But the fact is, you and I aren’t in a position to walk into the House of Commons and introduce a law.

We need to work with the soon to be 338 MP’s, not against them! And, we need to work with them from start to finish. We should not be content to relegate ourselves to the role of cheerleader. We have the ability, and most Members of Parliament welcome this, to work with them in developing legislation, building the talking points, and providing counter arguments all before the legislation even becomes public. is involved in this types of efforts and the men and women on Parliament Hill covet this type of advocacy.

When an individual MP shows the courage and tenacity to walk out on that proverbial branch, we need to be there supporting them! Not working with the other side to cut the branch off – because we don’t think it is perfect enough.

We need to remember why it is we do this work and why so many in Canada’s pro-life movement have volunteered hundreds of hours on top of their already busy lives. We do this because we want to save the lives of pre-born children. Pre-born humans who are entitled to the same human rights as us!

As pro-lifers old and young alike we have an important task, from St. Johns to Vancouver and everywhere in between, in addressing this human rights violation.

Let that begin by embracing the opportunities to save some as we work towards saving all!

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