Tolerance is a one-way street. Well, it’s actually not.

17/01/2014 / Abortion 

Tolerance is a one-way street. Well, it’s actually not, but some Canadians certainly seem to think so. The so called ‘controversy’ surrounding pro-life bus ads in Nova Scotia and Ontario is rather ridiculous. A quick look at the advertisement , which you can see in this story by, makes you wonder what abortion rights crusader, Hilary Murphy was thinking when she launched a complaint with Halifax city officials. The ad, sponsored by Signs4Life consists of a photo of a beautiful newborn child with the caption:

Luc was born today but his life began nine months ago.

It is a simple factual statement backed up by scientific evidence found in any embryology textbook.

I guess Ms. Murphy’s outrage is not that surprising as we have come to expect this from the abortion establishment. They certainly don’t like a level playing field and will go to great lengths to ensure any message about pre-born humans is as one sided as possible. Whether it’s universities or transit buses, they can’t stand it when pro-lifers start a public debate with facts. I guess that’s what happens when your ideology is in direct conflict with science and logic.

Take a moment to participate in this action item that came across my desk today. It seems we are going to have to keep working to make sure the abortion debate takes place free from censorship.

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