20/06/2014 / Abortion 

The following is a poem submitted by Mr. A. Blokhuis


The time is ripe to mobilize, we can’t wait anymore,
Gather, you saints, yes organize, with purpose shore to shore.
For, not to act would be a shame, we’d have ourselves to blame,
Do we believe, Your kingdom come? When we pray in His name?

It’s not enough to gather once a year on parliament hill
But with a sense of purpose, then, resolve with iron will,
That killing of our innocents offends those who believe,
Adds insults to those injured and to all those so aggrieved.

To live and act the Pro-life side, can such a choice be wrong?
“To kill a life’s a mother’s choice!” So claims “Death Culture’s” throng.
Once Mengele! Like Morgentaler? Do likewise, miscreants claim,
Who laws and common sense attack and wondrous Life disdains

Down’s Syndrome children manifest, more love than one could find
Inside those foolish erudites, cursed with their addled mind,
Who rule with blinders on and say, the choice’s not up to me,
And every one an expert and the law is what you see.

When each convention claims you’re wrong, know in your heart what’s right,
To know this truth’s a gift of God! We can’t give up this fight.
Does man have dignity and worth? We’re in His image made!
Then, like the eagle He’ll renew… We will not flag nor fade.

We’re never alone, so every month, each day, yes, every hour,
We may seem weak, weary at times, yet trust in His great Power.
As once the freedom march rolled on and tyrants saw the light,
We live to serve both God and man.
Truth’s Law is our delight.

A. Blokhuis June 19/14

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