Pro-life shirts are back!

27/09/2016 / Store 

When we did a t-shirt and hoodie campaign in May, we were thrilled with how many shirts we got to ship out across Canada. But we also heard from a lot of you that you missed out last time and wanted to get your own, so we’re doing another order!


We do the t-shirts as a pre-order so we know how many to order, avoiding waste and storage, both of which help us keep costs down for you. Orders are due by October 5, and we’ll order immediately after that and get them shipped out to you as soon as they arrive at the office.

We’ve also listened to your feedback from last time, and have a new fabric that is softer, lighterweight, a bit longer in the body, and has more stretch, hopefully making them more flattering and wearable. We’ve also added an eye-catching blue colour we think you’ll love!

Our mission is to encourage and equip Canadians to get involved in standing up for pre-born human lives. These shirts are an easy, stylish way to spread a loving pro-life, pro-human rights message, whether at the grocery store, the park, or on casual Friday at the office. You can find them all in our store now: head straight to the ladies’ shirts or straight to the mens’ shirts and place your order today!


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