Abortion Serves Men More Than Women

05/10/2017 / Abortion 

A recent scandal in the United States alleged that a vocally pro-life politician urged a woman he had an affair with to have an abortion. This illustrates a sad and crucial truth about why abortion continues unabated. Regardless of what is said about valuing life and women, when the rubber hits the road, too many people are in it for themselves; their own reputation, their own future.

Women are told that abortion serves them, and many have been convinced. We are told this, however, by a culture built for men, where having children is a financial, social and occupational drawback. A recent article in the Huffington Post states, “A woman-friendly world should be able to accommodate women’s fertility.” Abortion is promoted because we have not found a way to truly celebrate women and accommodate one of the things that makes them unique.

Men are pro-abortion because it serves their desire for sex without responsibility or repercussion. Women may want the same lack of responsibility with sex, but no woman wants an abortion. It is not something we grow up hoping for, something we admire in others, or something we are open about sharing if it does happen.

To the women who buy into the propaganda that abortion is about women’s rights and women’s control, you have been duped. Abortion serves men, particularly unfaithful, incestuous, selfish and aggressive men, infinitely more than it serves women, and it always will.

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